Paramount (GirlxGirl)(Lesbian Story)

Paramount (GirlxGirl)(Lesbian Story)

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Taylen By notstr8 Updated Jan 19, 2016

Channing Blackwood is an unstoppable, problematic nineteen-year-old girl who refuses to learn her lesson. After barely completing high school, Channing spent most of her time in her parents' basement. With no job, all the vexed teen did was smoke with her friends, terrorize the local neighborhood and woo hot women. But after nearly getting arrested for the umpteenth time, her parents are fed up. Her mom takes notion and sends Channing off to Richdale Academy, an organization in which sheltered troublesome young women and taught them how to better themselves.  Richdale Academy introduces Channing to nine girls, ranging from ages eighteen to twenty-one, in which all landed in Richdale for obscene behavior.

Blair Cadwell was sent away by her evil step-mother at the age of eighteen, all because she may or may not have nabbed a hundred bucks from the evil witch's purse. Being labeled as a thief, she agreed and signed over the papers to be enrolled into Richdale Academy. Now, she was nineteen and was in the institution for nearly a year, but it was far better than having to live under the same roof of her step-mother. For the most part, Blair was a pretty innocent soul, despite the somewhat frequent swears and the underage drinking; but by being in Richdale Academy, the society looked at her as a delinquent, just like all the others.

Paramount is about ten young women whose lives change forever after a lightning strike. With the power of the strike, the girls who were deemed detrimental to the society becomes heroines. Paramount consists of a main female cast of characters, lesbian romance, action, adventure, humor, badass superpowers and one, wicked villainess.

Inspired by American Horror Story: Coven.