baby boy ♡ jolinsky

baby boy ♡ jolinsky

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lordlesly By lordlesly Updated Nov 03, 2015

"Why are you looking at me?" The blonde boy asked, looking at the tan boy who still stared at him with that smile of his.

He shrugged while smiling, "Just cuz." 

"Oh my god, you're so weird" the blonde boy turned his heals and walked off to class,  hearing the tan boy yell out "Awh c'mon, don't be like that baby boy!"


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purejeons purejeons Apr 14
Favorite things: watching movies, food, sleeping, repeat same process.
I don't even get a recess break I only get 5 minutes break in between class 😂
nashsfry nashsfry May 31, 2015
omg austin does that "(who's whatever blah blah blah)" thing too :'))
longandcocky longandcocky May 23, 2015
did Johnson just leave and leave Gilinsky there. alone.with a math teacher
jingerific jingerific May 22, 2015
I was going to make a 1D reference but I didn't want to sound like a carrot