Welcome to the Family.....Again (Synyster Gates) ~Book 1~

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Linds By vechkinfan1 Completed
Avenged Sevenfold fan fiction, Rory was friends with all the guys from the band at a young age. Moving away from them broke her heart once before, but will Rory take a chance to go see if they still remember her. Will Syn remember the sparks they once had as kids. Or will Rory just leave them be and  just watch from the side lines
    disclamer: i do not own avegend sevenfold, or any of their music. this story is purely fictinal an for the enjoyment of the public!
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dunno why, but i cried. maybe bc i love syn too much and he's so fucking cute in this chapter
okay, the feels are extreme!!! just from chapter 1!!!!!! ughhhhhh!!! I'm cryingggg!!!!
So I already read this once, but I am sick...and bored and love this so much that I just had to read it again!
There was some mistakes, this is nicely written, great descriptions, and you had me hooked from the start.
why is it that i've only just discovered this story?!!??
                                    i love it already xD
Hey cus!! I'm a gonna start reading your story! See yah sunday!!! :))