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Smutty Oneshots (boyxboy)

Smutty Oneshots (boyxboy)

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VampireFreak_99 By VampireFreak_99 Updated 5 days ago

These oneshots are mainly focused on fanfiction, incest, and bdsm. I will write others too but this is the main focus for this oneshots book. This is strictly boyxboy so if you dont like then dont simple as that...Enjoy these yummylicious oneshots.

😂😂😂 the sex scenes are hilarious !!!! 😂😂😂😂
KMY1999 KMY1999 Jan 06
I wouldn't forgive him tbh >.>
                              The smut scene was great tho 👌🏼
hush_dont_tell hush_dont_tell 3 days ago
I want to slap his dad please let me slap him if I could slap him through the damn screen I would
nekothekiller123 nekothekiller123 Nov 20, 2016
The feels*sniff sniff*wait that's holy water*hisss*DANMIT GRAY 
                              Guy friend:I told you to stop reading yaoi *trows more holy water*
                              Hiss ! It burns*runs sway*