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Smutty Oneshots (boyxboy)

Smutty Oneshots (boyxboy)

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VampireFreak_99 By VampireFreak_99 Updated Jul 14

These oneshots are mainly focused on fanfiction, incest, and bdsm. I will write others too but this is the main focus for this oneshots book. This is strictly boyxboy so if you dont like then dont simple as that...Enjoy these yummylicious oneshots.

TBH yeah I'm being petty but why do he needs to be punished you need to be you the one had s*x with that other person you bad bad mate or (daddy) 😏
Is it sad that I have a feeling that it's from the Kuroneko Kareshi series?
Roses are red 
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              Can I just say
                              That escalated quickly
Yo name daddy ?? How he should have said I love it when you call me that
This is going to fast!! I need murder in this story!! murder!!
*Louis and Zayn comes out of nowhere* 
                              Louis : you're a talentless hack and Niall has more tattoos than you fans 
                              Zayn : stop bîtching about my life Lewis and shut up naughty boy you're fatter than your ego  
                              Me : Honestly there argument with naughty boy was funny