You're Mine || Kirito x Asuna

You're Mine || Kirito x Asuna

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❤ Ashlie ❤ By _OreoPug_ Updated Sep 01

After Kirito's Aunt dies in a car accident Kirito and his cousin have to move into their close friend's house, which is hours away from their old house. Drama strikes when a "friend" named Akiko has a thing for Kirito, who struggles to remember a promise:

"Promise me that you won't fall for anyone at your new school, or anywhere else. Your heart belongs to me," she said.

"Of course. I'd never love anyone else, I promise."

This fanfiction features kirisuna moments, romance, drama, action, and more! It is based off the anime Sword Art Online, I do not own any of the characters, except for any OCs (original characters).

Omfg me and my friends played it to see who could get the most steps..
                              I always lost ;-;
I already read this fanfic months ago but I deleted it by accident and I need to catch up 😂
Why would they do that in front of kirito cousin??? And why does she just stand there and watch like it's a normal thing she sees everyday???
Heiileen Heiileen Aug 31
Ohhhhh now O know why it looked familiar! 😂😂 I love that game
Wait she was there? I feel bad having to watch her cousin that she has a crush on make out with another girl 😂
Jesus get a room you two… no seriously get one I need Kasuna babies