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Sixteen year old Natasha Sayuri Addison moved to Beacon Hills after the tragic death of her mother who committed suicide eleven months earlier.

Neither her or her father were allowed to see her body. It was taken to the funeral home and buried in the cemetery in the town she was born in, which happened to be Beacon Hills.

Life got even worse a few weeks before the move. Her father was diagnosed with lung cancer which had spread.

Natasha went into a dark place and shut the world out, losing all her friends and connection with all other relatives. She had no one.

Even then Natasha and her father moved to a small house in Beacon Hills and Natasha was enrolled in Beacon Hills High.

Beacon Hills was where she met none other than Scott McCall and his best friend Stiles Stilinski who noticed something odd about this girl. 

But what?

With tears, anger and death, Natasha's world will be turned upside down. She will be taught a potentially deadly lesson:

Sometimes the truth is worse than the lie.  

Season 2

I don't own teen wolf. All of the characters from the series belong to the creators except for Natasha, her parents and any other added character.

Book 1 of 3 in the Yuki Onna series. 

The cringe parts are slowly being edited.

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JaceyHogwartsHeroess JaceyHogwartsHeroess Mar 21, 2017
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emily2803200 emily2803200 Jun 01, 2016
Conceal don't feel... DINT LET THEM KNOW!!
                              WELLLL NOWWW THEYY KNOOOOOOOOWWWW!
mayoXsucks mayoXsucks Aug 30, 2016
I use to know someone named Holly… we were on different soccer teams, her and I both went to kick the ball at the same time and she ended up kicking me where the moon or sun shine...
seizethedayvey seizethedayvey Jun 26, 2016
Holly is my BFFs 9 year old sister who loves to cuss and flip people up 😂
thund3r thund3r Jul 11, 2016
                              LET IT GOOOOOO
                              CAN'T HOLD IT BACK ANYMOOOOOOORE
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Everybody was kung fu fighting 😂 idk that song came to mind