Texting O'Brien                  {x reader}

Texting O'Brien {x reader}

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Him: Oh hey. Is this the person I met on omegle?

You: Yes, yes it is, and I have a confident guess your the guy I met on omegle?

Him: Well duhh, who else would know you like I do?

You: Well for starters we barely know each other and secondly I don't think we ever met before so yea

Him: Soooooooo? We could do those things sometime, well before I know your not some pedifile creepo

You: Yea well I'm not so..

Him: Ok then

You: Oh yea, I never caught ur name, what is it?

Him: You can't catch my name but my name is Dylan. What's yours?

You: My name is Amanda

I lied because I don't trust him yet and what if we actually know each other, then that's awkward. Oh my gosh good thing I said Amanda because what if it's the Dylan I know, the Dylan I like, the Dylan that goes to my school. Ok calm down Y/N, he doesn't know it's you so calm down. 

I kept thinking and thinking. Hundreds of questions and thoughts running through my head. 

Him: Cool.

You: Thanks.

Him: So what school do u go too?

You: You say what school you go to first then I will say mine.

Him: Finnne, I go to Beacon Hills high school

You: So do I. What grade are u in?

Him: 11th

You: Same

Him: Who is your homeroom teacher?

You: Mr. Yukimora

Him: Same, and I know that no one is named Amanda in our class. What is your actual name?

You: Finnne my name is actually Y/N

Him: Y/N it's you?

You: ....

Him: How was work today?

You: Boring, well I better go, my dog is bored and I need to feed him.

Him: Wait! I thought you didn't have a dog

You: Well I do now, its a baby husky.

You: I mean a puppy husky.
All credit to Jeff Davis
"Y/N" is mine
Story line is mine

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Mine is October 18 th... But this was irrelevant I'll just be going now
Realizing what my life will  be like in 4 months.... *cries and hopes*
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Are you stalking me or something cause like until now what you just said is literally me