Inuyasha and Kagome

Inuyasha and Kagome

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Chapter 1: Kagome's Fate

Kagome's Point Of View

"Inuyasha!" I screamed as the hanyou was struck down by his awful brother Sesshoumaru.

He and that servant of his showed up as we setting camp for the night. Inuyasha had immediately rushed into battle without thinking as usual. But something felt wrong. It was like Sesshoumaru was just playing with him. He wasn't here for the Tetsusaiga, as he hadn't tried to grab it once. What was he planning?

I was about to go to Inuyasha's side when I heard his rasp voice.

"Don't move", he ordered, "Stay where you are."


I stopped as he stood beck up and attacked Sesshoumaru again. His brother only kept dodging.

"Fight back!" I heard Inuyasha yell at him. "Coward!"

The demon's expression changed to a small taunting smile that held satisfaction as if he was accomplishing exactly what he had came to do, which confused me greatly.

"Seems Master's blood has gone to his head again", I heard a close voice.

"Myoga? Shouldn't you be gone by no...

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Blazing_Angel_ Blazing_Angel_ Nov 13, 2016
*looks at the title* -Inuyasha and Kagome-
                              *opens it up and looks at the FIRST chapter* 
                              -Kagome's fate- 
                              *eyes twitches* 
Blazing_Angel_ Blazing_Angel_ Nov 13, 2016
Yeah suuuure it's totally not that. 😒 it's not like u
                              Protect her or anything...oh give it up Inuyasha! U know U love her and so does everyone else, quit the act!
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OMG ITS SO GREAT…I LOVE IT…I could read so much more of it for days
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Or maybe u love her. Yeah, that's soooo not an explanation. 😒