Mad Love (Bill x Reader x Dipper)

Mad Love (Bill x Reader x Dipper)

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Lisanna 123 By Lisanna123 Updated Dec 19, 2016

(It's my first time to create a story so please forgive me if it's not good)
A new girl shows up in gravity falls oregon where she will meet Dipper, Mabel, and Bill cipher( in human form) And steal the hearts of dipper and bill who will win Dipper or bill?

(Vote at the comments who you like to end up with)

Started: 06/08/15

PotatoBookWorm36 PotatoBookWorm36 Jul 13, 2016
i_love_MUSIC_4_ever i_love_MUSIC_4_ever Jul 16, 2016
Isn't this billxreaderxDIPPER why put to meet your UNCLE stan it makes dipper a cousin
gabilightwood17 gabilightwood17 Feb 28, 2016
So if reader and dipper have the same uncle doesn't that mean they can't go out?
SoullessVessel SoullessVessel Aug 09, 2016
Wait. Hold up. If Stan is my uncle does that mean that Dipper is like.
                              My cousin?
XxBlueMoonxX198 XxBlueMoonxX198 Nov 28, 2016
Sooooo are we and dippy related? 😂
                              (So not ready for that)
                              I'm sure author~chan didn't mean it like that though
PotatoBookWorm36 PotatoBookWorm36 Jul 13, 2016
*raises finger (the pointing one, not the middle one)*
                              *puts finger down*