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Silent Call - (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

Silent Call - (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

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Janellexox By Janellexox Completed

I leaned my head back as I watched the storm roll over us. Suddenly a loud piercing noise broke me out of my trance, I sat up and looked out Jason's window. The next few minutes seemed to go in slow motion, my mom screamed as she saw the large truck sliding towards us. My dad spun the wheel frantically moving the car. I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for the impact. I felt a sharp pain pierce through my body. I felt myself being thrown throughout the car. I cried out in pain as my body flew through the window and I hit the hard, wet pavement. My eyes stayed shut. I couldn't think. I was in to much pain. I felt very light and there was a bright light shining over me, calling me towards it and I wanted to give in. I wanted to go towards it, it made me feel like it would take away my pain. A darkness seemed to be surrounding me, I struggled to move, I struggled to do anything. I just laid there suffering. Before I knew what was happening I let myself slip into the darkness. Into nothing

Okay so we just won't get to read about their history together but it's really fine I don't even care
thetxmmo thetxmmo Apr 19, 2016
Lol im listening to Ed atm, idkw i told yall that but....... bye
Yosy_Ortiz Yosy_Ortiz Nov 29, 2015
Y'all give weird nicknames to your grandma I just say Abuela
Only_a_shadow_ Only_a_shadow_ Nov 21, 2015
Ok ok let's see.... What was I going to say... Uh.... Oh right! I can't wait to read your new book :D
bngmhrn bngmhrn Oct 03, 2015
My mum would do an exorcism ritual for me if I ever have sex with my boyfriend
kimtae-cum kimtae-cum Aug 14, 2015
My moms like that she like "I don't care if you have sex just be protected..." And I'm like "okay let's go be socially awkward and not have sex"