The Marauders - Troublemakers at Hogwarts

The Marauders - Troublemakers at Hogwarts

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georgia By LupinIsMyPatronus Updated Jul 25, 2016

Remus Lupin is nervous about going to Hogwarts in his first year. Will he be accepted? Will he be alone? Probably but because of his condition he's used to it. 

He boards the Hogwarts Express on September 1st and falls asleep along the way but when he awakes two boys have fallen into his empty compartment and a third stumbles in shortly after. is life at Hogwarts going be a little different from how he expected? 

And how will he keep his secret from three of the smartest boys at school? 

A Marauders Era Fanfic focusing on Remus Lupin because who doesn't love him? 
Thanks for reading/commenting/voting! 


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josie_wiker josie_wiker Aug 02, 2016
Just to say I keep rereading your story😂 It's just really good!!
infires-bakugo infires-bakugo Jul 11, 2016
That's gonna be me when I get on the Hogwarts train with my friend. I'm still waiting for my letter tho.....
KilledByFeelz KilledByFeelz Apr 07, 2016
I love this story and would vote for it but I've "voted too many times" in the last minute XD
Who_Da_Man Who_Da_Man Jan 13, 2016
                              AND SIRIUS AND JAMES ARE SO...
                              Well...SIRIUS AND JAMES
                              ANd Remus...oh god...
                              This is so bootiful
XcrazywriterXD XcrazywriterXD Nov 19, 2015
That picture is one of the saddest things i've seen in picture world if that maken sense
usernamelikenoother usernamelikenoother Jul 09, 2015
hmm...didn't lily and severus decide to leave? Oh well. I like this story :D