Scorpio x Pisces

Scorpio x Pisces

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MusicWillConquer By LoveIsFutile Updated Jun 22, 2016

Well Scorpio is the mean manipulative bad boy of the school and Pisces is the sweeter then sugar and flowers and the weakens! How will the their stereotypical high school handle it when the two fall in love? 

I'm a Pisces I don't think that Pisces are weak in any way so please if the characters seem outta character for their sign then I'm sorry and non of this will be actually Zodiac compatibility! Please enjoy the story!

Each group of signs has some special abilities
 water signs can breathe underwater and heal with it 
Earth signs are vary strong more like unmovable and have rock hard skin.
Fire is vary warm and can melt/change the temperature of the room like make it warmer.
And Air can fly and can go though solid objects.
All of them can manifest their element out of thin air and manipulate them like bending them. 
(I know I know so original.)
One more thing do kill me please!! They all also like each sign has its own original ability!


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Pisces power, boi! I'm a freaking Pisces and why in all zodiac fanfictions, Pisces is a girl?
Gdydye Gdydye Oct 16
Why is Scorpio is always a boy ?! 
                              I'm so piss off right now !
Polka-dot-poetry Polka-dot-poetry Aug 14, 2015
Would you like some dam French fries with that dam paper cut ?
anime_geek28 anime_geek28 Aug 14, 2015
Wow! This is an AWESOME Book!!!! I have never thought of this!! Its so original and fresh!! I LOVE IT!!!!XD
Soul135 Soul135 Jun 08, 2015
Katana_Witch Katana_Witch Jun 06, 2015
I had to say, I thought it was awesome that you made this its very creative..