Better Off Dead (Kellin Quinn Fanfic)

Better Off Dead (Kellin Quinn Fanfic)

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Everybody knows that girl. The one thats picked on by the big bullies and nobody stands up for her because they're scared to get in the way. You've heard stories from the bullies point of view, but what about the poor girl? 

The year is 2011. Abigail (or Abbie) is in her last year of high school. She's been bullied all her life. She's 19 years old and due to the bullies she skipped many classes in her school life, meaning she now has to repeat her final year of school to re-take all of her classes and do her exams with people younger than her. Her previous bullies left school the year she was supposed to graduate, she thought everything would be better without them. Little did she know that the students in her classes would take on the role of her previous bullies and make her life hell.

When she re-meets an old family friend that she hasnt seen in many years, will everything change?

Will she let him in?

Can he save her?


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AbbyZeller4 AbbyZeller4 Mar 17, 2017
My name is Abaigail (not spelled wrong, sounds the same as 'Abigail'). And i go by Abby.
__NightHawk __NightHawk Feb 19, 2018
Hey, my name is Abigail as well! Except I spell it Abby, and literally no one calls me Abigail xD
dontbreathechloe dontbreathechloe Aug 28, 2016
I'd literally rip their weave off and slap their cake face off with it
XSavagePatchKidX XSavagePatchKidX Nov 27, 2016
My name is also Abigail. Mine is spelled Abi tho. But this is cool hahaha 😜😜
MeredithFoxglove8 MeredithFoxglove8 Jan 03, 2016
Loving the first chapter :) can't wait to go on this reading journey :D
trickywentz trickywentz Dec 31, 2015
When all you got is these four walls its not that hard to feel so small or even exist at all. I'm listening to better off dead and that came up as I read that line