cancer girl

cancer girl

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shainur ullah By shainurullah Updated Jan 31, 2013

chapter 1: Cancer Girl


With ten bedrooms, the house was huge. Henry, at the young age of 18, lived in Manchester, and would be going to university after the summer holidays. His mother was best friends with the wife of a rich businessman also living in Manchester.

'Now, remember Henry, be nice. She is my best friend, and her daughter has cancer. She is 18, like you, and, she would love some company', his mother insisted.

Henry didn't really want to see her. He felt weird to see a dying cancer girl. The door bell was loud, and he could hear the vibrations pass through the house. His mother started laughing as soon as the mother of the cancer girl opened the door. They hugged and spoke of old times.

'Sarah, it's been such a long time', Henry's mother spoke.

'Same Victoria', Sarah, the wife with the rich husband said.

They were welcomed in, and the servant gave them some cold drinks. In the distance, they could hear the cries of a girl needing assistance.

They stepped into her r...

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HannahArbogusta HannahArbogusta Jun 01, 2013
good for you girl i hope we will see your writing here in wattpad someday
JackquelineWalkene JackquelineWalkene Jun 01, 2013
yeah i agree. i do love writing too. and this story makes me inspire more
JessiBugarinw JessiBugarinw Jun 01, 2013
agree. as well as how we feel about the story, and i know some of us here are envy because we girls love writing
GlorySparrows GlorySparrows Jun 01, 2013
yeah i agree. but only girls leave comment because the writer was a girl and we have patience upon showing our opinion
JosphineErtlek JosphineErtlek Jun 01, 2013
simply amazing writing. i hope you can offer us anothe love story.? ehehe
MacieAltschulere MacieAltschulere Jun 01, 2013
i cant say anything about your story girl they tell it already.