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Pоsessìve Type《Modern Sasuke Uchiha》

Pоsessìve Type《Modern Sasuke Uchiha》

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Q-Ri By ZhangQ-Ri Updated Jul 31, 2016

Teenagers are all about types. 
Popular type, Jock type, Girly type, Cute type, Shy type and all. 
Well, Our heroine (YOU) Is classified as the Nerdy Shy type. 
But our male heroine is classified as the Possessive type. 
What will happen if those two types collab? 
Answer simple; Drama.

3bladejade 3bladejade Feb 20
Dude... If you 'CHAN' me any longer you're gonna go to sleep any minute.....
Mando55555 Mando55555 Jul 16, 2016
Every time I read a anything x reader fabric and Kiba comes up I feel so bad because I've read all of his fabrics and I'm just like BAE IM SORRY I GOT DESPERATE
xXKitty36Xx xXKitty36Xx Sep 18, 2016
                              IM ONLY GOOD FOR 
Creative_Username4 Creative_Username4 Aug 02, 2016
I started reading this right after I finished playing Minecraft XD
otakuakatsukioreo otakuakatsukioreo Sep 27, 2015
I have gotten myself a whole lot of trouble if your asking me
brokuto_ brokuto_ Sep 21, 2015
Why do I feel like this is a naruto (sasuke) version of My little Monster