Lord of the western lands [Sesshomaru love story]

Lord of the western lands [Sesshomaru love story]

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BringmetheHorizonfan By BringmetheHorizonfan Updated Jun 09, 2015

"Hey Kayla" Kagome happily says as she sat in the empty seat by me. I give her a slight glare.

"Where have you been, I've been worried about you since you've been out these past few weeks" I asked. She just nervously smiles at me.

"I was sick with the flu"

"You're always sick"

"Yeah, anyway would you like to come over to my house this afternoon, I really need your help in catching up in class" she asked changing the subject. I gave her a supicious look but shook it off and smile.

"Yeah" I say with a smile. I've been friends with Kagaome for about two months now. I was the new transfer student here from America. I looked way different from any students that's in my class.

I'm African American with chest length black hair, which I always wear in a high poinytail tied by a black ribbon and dark brown eyes. My skin tone is a chocolate brown color, making me stand out more from all the other kids who have pale skin.

I remember my first day here I was getting looks by the other studen...