Eyeless Jack X Reader

Eyeless Jack X Reader

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>>Your POV<<
Dear Diary,
I decided to run away from my abusive 'Father', after Mom died he started to drink a lot and then would abuse me. Once I turned 14, he started to sexually abuse me and that started 3 years ago. I've tried living with my best friend, (f/n). But he soon found out by her mom. So life sucks for me and I've tried suicide but that didn't work and I don't know why. So I'm running into the woods where maybe someone will find me.


A/n: Don't do this at home ok because it doesn't just hurt you it hurts every one around you. Screw what society says be yourself and no one else. 😋😀😜😝

~~Time Skip brought to you from smilie faces~~

Time: 12:37am

"Good he's already out drinking" I say as I stuff everything that will be useful: iPhone and charger, food and clothes. As I head out the door in my tank top ,ripped skinny jeans and vans with my jacket around your waist. I post a note on the door saying 'I'm leaving and burn in hell and go fuck yourself assho...

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EeveeJenn EeveeJenn Jun 10, 2017
What,if we have no one around??? What's worse than having no one is having someone that doesn't care at all tho..
I’ve tried, but I never could bring myself to hurt myself severely just picturing the people who care about me cry broke my heart. Thank you for saying this I feel a little better about myself
ballora121 ballora121 Sep 01, 2017
I have really bad depression so I have tried killing myself already things like this make me feel better. They remind me that I am a little bit important
Lazy_Sugar Lazy_Sugar Oct 01, 2017
Boi why r u bring a charger with u??? No tree gonna have an outlet
EeveeJenn EeveeJenn Jun 10, 2017
I don't like smiles.. i get them but I know the ppl who give me smiles are faking. I don't even give smiles cause I forgot how.
jake_tae jake_tae Jun 19, 2017
Thats is so disgusting oml
                              Thus dad needs some therapy.
                              As in therapy I mean to die slowly for being such a pedofilic bastard