Eyeless Jack X Reader

Eyeless Jack X Reader

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>>Your POV<<
Dear Diary,
I decided to run away from my abusive 'Father', after Mom died he started to drink a lot and then would abuse me. Once I turned 14, he started to sexually abuse me and that started 3 years ago. I've tried living with my best friend, (f/n). But he soon found out by her mom. So life sucks for me and I've tried suicide but that didn't work and I don't know why. So I'm running into the woods where maybe someone will find me.


A/n: Don't do this at home ok because it doesn't just hurt you it hurts every one around you. Screw what society says be yourself and no one else. 😋😀😜😝

~~Time Skip brought to you from smilie faces~~

Time: 12:37am

"Good he's already out drinking" I say as I stuff everything that will be useful: iPhone and charger, food and clothes. As I head out the door in my tank top ,ripped skinny jeans and vans with my jacket around your waist. I post a note on the door saying 'I'm leaving and burn in hell and go fuck yourself assho...

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EeveeJenn EeveeJenn Jun 10, 2017
What,if we have no one around??? What's worse than having no one is having someone that doesn't care at all tho..
ballora121 ballora121 Sep 01, 2017
I have really bad depression so I have tried killing myself already things like this make me feel better. They remind me that I am a little bit important
Lazy_Sugar Lazy_Sugar Oct 01, 2017
Boi why r u bring a charger with u??? No tree gonna have an outlet
EeveeJenn EeveeJenn Jun 10, 2017
I don't like smiles.. i get them but I know the ppl who give me smiles are faking. I don't even give smiles cause I forgot how.
jake_tae jake_tae Jun 19, 2017
Thats is so disgusting oml
                              Thus dad needs some therapy.
                              As in therapy I mean to die slowly for being such a pedofilic bastard
KasaiQueen KasaiQueen 2 days ago
                              ANDROID ALL THE WAY!
                              APPLE IS TRASH.