The Price of Honour

The Price of Honour

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KristinaWalsh By KristinaWalsh Updated Apr 18, 2013

Resigned to her lot as a poor relation after the death of her parents, Miss Sophie Fulham is astonished when she learns that her cruel uncle has gambled her future, and won, choosing to marry her to the notorious rake-shame Viscount Markham so that Sir George can regain the social status lost to him. 

Content with his carefree bachelor existence, Peter, Lord Markham, is angered to find out that his father has fallen prey to the renowned cardsharp, Sir George Fulham, and he has lost almost all of his wealth. He becomes even more angered when he learns that, as the only recourse he can take, he must marry Sophie to save his family from social and financial ruin. 

Deception and rumours, dislike and mistrust ensues, proving the path to love is quite often an extremely rocky journey indeed.

Lord Markham so good to see you back in London I must say I am surprised it took so long isn't your sister making her bows this year?
DarthHuntler DarthHuntler Dec 25, 2015
I think he means this:
                              "Lord Markham, so good to see you back in London, I must say I am surprised it took so long. Isn't your teenster (?) making her bout (?) this year?"
                              Hope it helped! :)
                              @Intoxicated_Bliss @BookLoverSharon
pushing pushing Jul 19, 2015
may I ask.... what's a rake? sorry if I just missed it by not reading it properly ....
Nanaspearline3 Nanaspearline3 Dec 14, 2014
well I just love the way u put it there... and the title and the COVER just caught my eye... u caught my vote;)
Happy_Otaku Happy_Otaku Dec 12, 2014
I'm intrigued of his lisp! Never encountered anyone with this though...
stassiewassie stassiewassie Nov 24, 2014
I am trying to read this as though I have a lisp, but I'm finding it really hard to understand