The Price of Honour

The Price of Honour

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KristinaWalsh By KristinaWalsh Updated Apr 18, 2013

Resigned to her lot as a poor relation after the death of her parents, Miss Sophie Fulham is astonished when she learns that her cruel uncle has gambled her future, and won, choosing to marry her to the notorious rake-shame Viscount Markham so that Sir George can regain the social status lost to him. 

Content with his carefree bachelor existence, Peter, Lord Markham, is angered to find out that his father has fallen prey to the renowned cardsharp, Sir George Fulham, and he has lost almost all of his wealth. He becomes even more angered when he learns that, as the only recourse he can take, he must marry Sophie to save his family from social and financial ruin. 

Deception and rumours, dislike and mistrust ensues, proving the path to love is quite often an extremely rocky journey indeed.

  • regency
youngandthirsty youngandthirsty Jun 09, 2016
Thank you. Some one who thinks things through first. #womanup
TheBibliophile1 TheBibliophile1 Mar 09, 2015
Oh that lucky duck! VIOLET EYES!!!!!! I wish it was a dominant trait! Ahhhhhh I want them soooo bad!!!!!
Lilly1744 Lilly1744 Aug 12, 2014
The sentence starting with 'As...' doesn't make much sense; perhaps a revision...?
AmberRose007 AmberRose007 Jul 19, 2014
Weaving a good plot here n at the same time great information on the characters though not heavy n therefore not boring descriptions. Beautiful writing. Will be continuing my read of your story.
kelis200 kelis200 Jan 15, 2014
I soo love lady grace,,she is a woman of wisdom n grace indeed
kelis200 kelis200 Jan 15, 2014
Lady grace plan of spreading positive rumors for Peter is real gud