The Hunter's Blade

The Hunter's Blade

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Kelsey Jordan By KelseyJordangw Updated Oct 13, 2016

The meeting between the Hunters and Lycans was an abject failure, not that Nigel expected anything else. The Forever War has been going on for more than eight thousand years and the gods were unlikely to allow it to end so easily. As the most defiant member under Elder Paola--mother to Alexis, the chief defector of the Hunters--Nigel finds himself constantly being asked to train their latest recruits in attempt to destroy the Lycans. 
Problem is, Nigel doesn't care about winning or losing the war. He'd settle for a little peace, quiet, and maybe a woman to call his own. In order to finally retire to whatever peace the Hunters will allow him to have, Nigel turns his attention to the recent group of recruits and the bored male who reminded Nigel of a young Hunter he'd had to put down in order to save a friend's life.

Eric is thrust into a world where the monsters are real with a hard ass book nerd acting as his tutor in Death. With Elder Nigel and his legendary kill count at his side, Eric hopes to increase his survival rate from zero and live long enough to enjoy the slight improvements in his living situation.
Can Nigel school Eric in the Hunter way and help the kid survive so that he can finally retire, or will the kid not be strong enough to inherit the Hunter's Blade?

**The Hunter's Blade is a companion novel to the Gardinian World Novels that takes place after The Lycan Hunter.**

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  • gods
  • mythology
  • shifters
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