Living in Shadows [Harry Potter Fanfiction]

Living in Shadows [Harry Potter Fanfiction]

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Hazel Bowen was rescued from an orphanage at age six by the kind hearted and reserved Mo Bowen to be trained in magic. One day she could be the one hope of the Wizarding World-he anticipated she would one day defeat the evil he knew was coming. Young, powerful and kept in close control, Hazel finds a friend in Severus Snape, and later, Lily Evans.
  Throughout the years, Hazel falls hard for Severus, all the while he is blindly ignorant to this and falls in love with their good friend, Lily. Heartbroken, Hazel throws herself into becoming the best double agent for Dumbledore; she has been groomed for this, and is determined to not let him down.
  In a whirl of times, from children to adults, you will see Hazel try to find her way out of the web of her complicated love for Severus, and try to become her own, all the while living in the shadows.

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