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Roller coaster (Rucas)

Roller coaster (Rucas)

94.1K Reads 2.2K Votes 30 Part Story
Bethany :) By purplebethers Completed

By the way this story has some bad words and some mature scenes
In the subway
Riley: hey Lucas
Lucas: oh hey Riley (walks off)
Riley: umm Maya (getting sad)
Maya: its ok Riley he maybe not in the mood
Riley: I guess your right 
At school 
Riley: hey Lucas 
Lucas:(slams his locker and walks off)
Riley: (runs to him) Lucas STOP
Lucas: WHAT Riley 
Riley: why are you not talking to me 
Lucas: cause you were hiding something from me
Riley: and what was that
Lucas: that you told Maya and farkle my secret
Riley: look I'm sorry 
Lucas: it was the biggest secret of my life Riley: I'm so sorry Lucas I didn't mean to Lucas: JUST LEAVE ALONE RILEY 
Riley: Lucas I'm really sorry (begins to cry)
Lucas: never talk to me again Matthews
Riley:(crying already and runs off)
Maya:(saw what happen goes to Lucas) listen you son of a bitch you don't ever talk to Riley like that (runs off to look for Riley) 
With Riley 
Riley: (crying in the closet)
Maya:(knocks) Riley can I come in 
Riley:(wipes her tears) o...

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