Tokyo Ghoul-Half and Half

Tokyo Ghoul-Half and Half

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A story written by ME, about you and your life as a half ghoul.
You were the product of a human father and a ghoul mother. At least, that's what you think...

You meet Kaneki, Touka, and everyone else. Along the way, new feelings arise (barely) and the truth is revealed. Or not...Lol :P

Don't judge if it's crappy.
This is my first, 'X reader'.

This story is COMPLETED, but I still might post a few things...

All rights are reserved to their rightful owners. I DO NOT own Tokyo Ghoul. The original story and ideas go to Sui Ishida.
The story follows the main plot of the anime, which was directed by Shuhei Morita.

[Tokyo Ghoul Various X Fem!Reader]

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Gwyn707 Gwyn707 Aug 27
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