Tokyo Ghoul-Half and Half (Tokyo ghoul X Reader) {UNDER RECONSTRUCTION}

Tokyo Ghoul-Half and Half (Tokyo ghoul X Reader) {UNDER RECONSTRUCTION}

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A story written by ME, about you and your life as a half ghoul.
You were the product of a human father and a ghoul mother. At least, that's what you think...

You meet Kaneki, Touka, and everyone else.
Along the way, new feelings arise (barely) and the truth is revealed. Or not...Lol :P

Don't judge if it's crappy.
This is my first, 'X reader'.

This story is COMPLETED, but I still might post a few things...

All rights are reserved to their rightful owners. I DO NOT own Tokyo Ghoul. The original story and ideas go to Sui Ishida.
The story follows the main plot of the anime, which was directed by Shuhei Morita.

Slimey lizard tail..
                              Seems useful when watching tentacle hentai
Even if that may be a bit of a cliche trait so far it's fine.
Shishido_ Shishido_ Jun 08
Ghouls have a full stomach for a month without eating more than one or more human flesh. Is this like the 26th day from when she ate a human?
Auburn0wl Auburn0wl Oct 28
I like how you admit that it's a Mary Sue, I'm not actually as upset as I would normally be since you at least admit it especially by breaking the forth wall a bit in doing so
I love my parents even if they are not.. the best.
                              They brought me to life after all. Gotta be thankful for that!
Auburn0wl Auburn0wl Oct 28
I must have HUGE coat pockets to be stuffing severed arms in there