Goode is Good: Piper Goes to Goode High School [a Percy Jackson Fanfiction]

Goode is Good: Piper Goes to Goode High School [a Percy Jackson Fanfiction]

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Miyako Blackwood By zzMiya-chanzz Updated Mar 02, 2017

You've all heard of Annabeth going to Goode. Well, here's a slight twist on the classic, cliché story with my favorite Heroes of Olympus character!

Tristan is sick and tired of his daughter getting kicked out of schools. So he sends her to the school where the world's biggest delinquent goes: Goode High.

Follow Piper and Percy as they deal with  the general jerks, jealous friends, being mistaken for a couple, the Mist fading, a so-called 'demigod', and so much more!

(cover by @BrokenTimeTurner)


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Sylva12 Sylva12 Jul 02, 2016
Oh, yeah. Just invite yourself over right. It's not like you should ask his or his parents permission first.
GreekGeekMads GreekGeekMads Feb 26, 2016
Percy Truly IS the worlds BEST delinquent
                              HR BLOWS UP HIS SCHOOLS
                              AND TOILETS 
                              I WANT TO BLOW UP MY SCHOOL
                              ... And toilets
Goldenmaltese333 Goldenmaltese333 Aug 09, 2015
I don't think my parents would agree to that... staying at a criminal's house....
- - Aug 01, 2015
                              A PIPERCY BROMANCE
                              BLESS YOU
                              I ONLY SEE ROMANCE
                              THIS IS AMAZING
                              I JUST LOVE IT
TJ_the_peach TJ_the_peach Jun 14, 2015
I really love it when stories (if they're not pipercy) have at least a really strong pipercy bromance
TJ_the_peach TJ_the_peach Jun 14, 2015
Lol, I love how they both refer to him as the world's worst delinquent