Natsu x Reader: The Vampire That Survived

Natsu x Reader: The Vampire That Survived

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move im gay By _natsu_gurl_ Updated Dec 11, 2016

The wounds on my body may heal because of its cursed blood.

But wounds in my heart are here to stay from a cursed past.

Beat me,And cut me,All you like,But I am your demon,That cuts out your light.

Sent off away from a wicked cunning woman,And the sad excuse of a father.

Maybe even killed the only man who wanted me to call his daughter.

Tired and beat,needed to be carried by my Angel to find my feet.

Started a new,And a Friendship grew,He tried to save me before it was to late.

Too late...

For a dragon to save his mate.

From her own demons inside her...

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