Merthur - Love in the Time of War

Merthur - Love in the Time of War

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Merthur AU
(Still set in the same time period)

After the Great Purge, led by Uther Pendragon, magic has become outlawed in the Kingdom of Camelot. The kingdom thrives quietly for a few years, none disturbing the silence. 

Meanwhile, a betrayed Balinor is seen as a leader within the community of surviving sorcerers and their supporters. The sorcerers create a new home within the borders of Camelot by taking control of an old castle. With their new leader Balinor, the sorcerers are prepared to take down Uther Pendragon and return to their homes. 
Thus, The Resistance is born. 

The war between the two wages on for over a decade. Neither of the two powers willing to surrender. This is the time when our tale begins. The time of Merlin Ambrosius, son of Balinor, and Arthur Pendragon, son of Uther. 

What will happen when the two fall in love? Especially when neither realize they are in love with their greatest enemy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin.

Being as clumsy as he is he might fall off into Author's arms
don't you dare steal arthur's line. do so and you'll be exacuted
spn_sterek_ spn_sterek_ Aug 18
Haha "friends" Merlin hated mordred and mordred hated Merlin because Merlin hated mordred
-Line-28- -Line-28- Jul 22
If Merlin even nicks Gwaine he could die because of a shard of Merlin's sword snapping off and moving towards Gwaine's heart. You better be pretty dang good with a sword Merlin.
Nevalia-Yui Nevalia-Yui Jul 06
Do you think their version of sacrifices are the beheaded sorcerers
Pat pat Merlin. People always run away from me too. Oh wait... he was talking about animals WELP TIME TO GO