Undone [Completed]

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iswearidontbite By iswearidontbite Completed
Almost a year later, much has changed. Max's life is spinning out of control - slowly coming undone. And even though an old friendship is starting to rekindle, it isn't the only thing that's returning from the past...
    This story follows the one titled New Days :)
I like the little twist at the end.. I really didn't expect him to say anything yet..lovely
Wow, great start.  Nice hook with Max (no pun intended).  A few grammatical errors, but nothing to distracting.  Thanks! :)
                                    I guessed that his injuries would be bad, considering what damage fire can and has done, but I never expected the prosthetic arm. Poor Max :'(
                                    But at least he's making some progress if he finally spoke after a year of silence.
                                    Oh, and my belated happy birthday wishes to Nick.
Great prologue. I don't have time to continue reading this, but I'm definitely adding this to my 'Read Later' list!
Um so I really loved this chapter and I just really think you're such a brilliant writer and even though it's like 3:30 AM at the moment, I'm so tempted to continue reading on :)
Hah, couldn't go on any further, need a break... I been crying like hell--I think I'm gonna run a cold. Man, you're so good.