Run (Reader X Bill Cipher)

Run (Reader X Bill Cipher)

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"You're going to Gravity Falls, no buts."


That's what YOU think, apparently you're going all the way back up North to a place called Niagara Falls. 

You're not going alone, Dipper, Mabel, Candy, Grenda, and Wendy will be joining you... Well, that's not all.

Bill. Bill Cipher has found you, and maybe likes you. Dipper does as well, you're alright with him but... both of them don't fit the bill.

Well, that's until a certain somebody decides to come and ruin your time, and your saviour was a demon all along.

"Beats me right?" ~Bill Cipher

-Ix you uncultered swines🙃
                              Nah jk fam I giggled at it for like 5 min😂
Dress nicely *pulls out PJ's* there im dressed nice and now im going to bed *grabs laptop and stays up all night playing games and watching anime*
Purple!!!! Wait no... Red! But blue's good too... Ooh, and green
They have to have wifi, how can tambry constantly update her status if not
blue. i like blue. any kind of blue. dark, light, weak or strong, it doesn't really matter. anyone can see. nothing really matters. nothing really matters. to me.
FallenSoulz FallenSoulz 5 days ago
Hmm, dress nicely? *puts on black sweat pants and at P!atd t shirt* much better