Body of the Crime

Body of the Crime

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Rebecca Cousins By MaddsCousins Updated Oct 16

Sequel to Vein of Love

Volume Two

        Molly Darling never wanted a fiancée-let alone an arrogant, hot-headed, numbingly attractive demon as one. After their clashing goals, personalities and natures, Molly finally begins to feel herself warming up to Tensley. Suddenly, she's aware of her growing feelings towards him. 

	But does he feel the same way? 

	Her emotions are put on hold though with the arrival of Pearce, an old family friend that Tensley describes as unstable and dangerous. Along with his arrival, Molly is introduced into Tensley's work-a criminal underworld of demons. Tensley feels the pressure boil to mark Molly before another demon does it for him. As she grows closer to him, a secret she's been withholding threatens their new found relationship. 

	Does she risk a chance of finally developing true feelings for Tensley or does she come clean after how far they've come? 

	They warn her how love is a weakness-but will Tensley truly use it against her?


vcolucci vcolucci Apr 15
I can't find the group!! What is it called?! Did you completely re write the first book?! I've been waiting for them to hook up!!!
Tbh/ he doesn't deserve her. She shouldnt get her hopes up if she thinks he might love her.
I'm so confused right now😑 Why the heck isn't her mother glaring heatedly at him and I can't believe she has a brother... This beginning and the ending of the previous book has me so winded and lost since she was asleep on his bed. Now I don't know what's happening. Help?
Ayanda11 Ayanda11 Apr 14
She is tryna give me a heart attack... i swear she's tryna send me to an early grave🙆🙊
That's where u were suppose to say the opposite.... When will u learn????   I still like u though so don't worry girlfriend