Dipper x Reader x Bill Cipher

Dipper x Reader x Bill Cipher

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Nintendogeek123 By Nintendogeek123 Updated Jul 16

I just wanted to start a new book So here it is!

*no one's pov*
You were in a bus that is heading to a place called gravity falls. "Don't worry (y/n)." You thought as you almost made it to that strange shop named The mystery Shack. "This will be a ordinary place with ordinary people."
Or at least you thought so. 

*Bill's pov*
Oh look! This person looks interesting! Let's see what she can do. Then I followed her in the mindscape all the way to the mystery Shack. "Hey!" The new person said. "Anyone here?" 
Then when pine tree came downstairs, he saw her for a second. Then blushed. Aaawwww~ does pine tree have a new crush? I thought. Then Pine tree asked, "A-are you (y/n)? G-grunkle Stan was expecting you."
Oh! So (y/n) was her name? For some reason it's cute. "Yeah! So I'm supposed to stay here for the summer an-" (y/n) didn't even finish her sentence when Mabel came barging in.

*Dipper's pov*
When I heard a voice say,"hey!" I decided to come downstairs. When I did, I felt my cheeks h...

puppdoggy puppdoggy Aug 07
Ya you are drea-I mean more like NIGHTMARE if you think I'm cute
puppdoggy puppdoggy Aug 07
Yes apparently they all thing abominations are cute......WHAT TWISTED WORLD IS THIS!!!!!!!!
BryerrRosee BryerrRosee Feb 17
Oh Bill, call me Little Rose.
                              Because Briar Rose happened.
                              And im short asf...
                              Cousin: "I GRIND ON BILL CIPHER."
                              Tehen you shall die.
"No Bill you've just met her" dipper said
                              "No I wanted to talk to her even though there's no point because I already know what she's going to say!"
puppdoggy puppdoggy Aug 07
When ever I read these things one of three things happens if not all
                              1. IM A FREAKIN IDIOT
                              2. I get jealous and start crying
                              3. I'm a horrible lier 
                              In real life I can hide my emotions VERRY well, and I can lie EXTREMELY WELL soooooooo........ What's happened to the me in this story
Then mable swooped in and saved (y/n) from the king of oquward dipper