Claude x Demon Reader! (LEMONS)

Claude x Demon Reader! (LEMONS)

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LemonQueen18 By LemonQueen18 Updated May 20, 2015


If you haven't read any of my other stories then please do so. Here are the rules to requesting.. There will be three places, the places will be filled and I will do them until a spot is available for requesting. So it's first come first serve, please do not vote for the places it makes me lose inspiration. Well I suppose this is it for now.


FizzyCharms FizzyCharms Jun 05
*spits out drink* No hun, I'm not eben gonna do it. ANYTHING BESIDES EXPOSE MYSELF INFRONT OF PEOPLE.
inenna inenna Jul 04
Damn, he's one hell of a horny spider... and I don't like Claude... *Sitting on a stack of Claude pictures while holding Sebastian and Claude plushies* Yep... don't like him...
FizzyCharms FizzyCharms Jun 05
My father is an inch taller... But it says "About" so its just an assumption, but I'm Levi-Sized. 5'3
-Rainni- -Rainni- Jun 05
/╲/\ [/ ͡• ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• ͡•]/ /\╱\
                              Claude approves
FizzyCharms FizzyCharms Jun 05
*Ash comes from the window* Ayee, fammm....OH MY GOD I NEED GEESUS FOR THIS *fly's away*
JoJo_Boat JoJo_Boat Jul 17
I thought the plan was to escape? Oh wait nvm I forgot I'm reading a lemon