Adopted by the Creepypastas

Adopted by the Creepypastas

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Melru-Chan By leadermelody Updated Oct 23

This story started off as an adopted by the creepypastas story and then turned into a Creepypasta Academy story. It's not the best but it's better than some. I have loads of ideas for this story I just need to figure out the details. I will be slowly adding chapters and editing. I have alot of time to finish but I don't want to keep you waiting so I'll post my ideas and then edit them later on. I think the story is okay for now. It's going to be a long one but I hope you enjoy! 

-Melru Chan ^~^

I do not own the picture or any of the creepypastas except for my OCs

                                 //|\\    *dances*
                                   |    |
                                   ■  ■
When I read this I thought of the scene from Austin powers "Lies, all LIES!"
-Dancing fabulously like Pewdiepie- -Dramatic hait flip- NOW THAT IS HOW UOU DANCE!!
COME HERE!!!CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA.        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^=^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Arenet you usleess to nobody adopted you yet so shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
midnightime midnightime Jul 11
Even if they are not creepypasta in other people eyes they are still creepypastas in my life