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One Shots » muke

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CarryOn By themukelibrary Updated Dec 07, 2016

This books sole purpose is to fulfill all of your muke needs by creating and helping you find some of your favorite muke one shots

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I'm pure white. I'm so pale aswell. A lot of people think I'm sick but I'm just always pale. Lol.
Mines black at the moment the blue faded out. I need to get it dyed again but I want my new tattoo first. My new tat is much more important. Lol
Damn straight there isn't dude. ( Although muke isn't straight anyway and neither am I.) Lol.
My grandma would not cheer she's a homophobic old 83 year old Christian and the one reason I haven't came out yet  Lol. (Although I'm too gay to function) lol.
I think my writing sucks too. But hey I'm to pussy to publish anything so nobody shall know. Lol
I've pretty much dislocated everything lol. And may I say its painful af. Lol