Destroyed Mate

Destroyed Mate

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"Lillian Ann Woods!" my father yelled," Get your scrawny ass out here and make me my breakfast!" As if I could call him my father. He's the alpha of my pack of I guess you say torturers. My mom was human and was his mate. But sadly as soon as I came into this world she left. Taking any compassion my dad once had with her. 

Now I live in the basement of the pack house and do everyone's chores. Sounds wonderful right? 

Life is just... Peachy I guess.

I groaned and rolled out of bed. "Coming sir." 
Please this is my first story on here. Tell me what you think. I will listen to anything you guys have to say. I am open minded when it comes to criticism.

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That-Random-Bean That-Random-Bean Nov 21, 2017
As my brother says when I asks him if he can get me snacks..."is your leg broken? No? Get it yourself!"
_wolves_r_beautiful _wolves_r_beautiful Jul 03, 2017
My only thought reading this is that the title of the chapter might be too revealing.
                               Chapter titles are to make you wonder what is going on, not tell you in my experience.  
                              Sorry if that came out rude
liam_1225 liam_1225 Oct 29, 2017
Why is she disgusting for being a half-breed though? Wouldn't the father be more disgusting for making a halfbreed? Also isn't she special because she's so different?
Princess_Toxix Princess_Toxix Jun 16, 2017
.....your a wolf to....basically a dog so aren't you a mutt???
lenee_keira lenee_keira Jul 26, 2017
Shattering.her.ankle..😬😬 oml, I bet that hurt like a BITCH
Anna_Alicorn Anna_Alicorn Jan 30, 2017
Actually her nick name would be Lilly with two lls because her full name is Lillian. Lily is another name. Sorry I'm a nerd