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The Spirit of Joy (Rise of the Gaurdians Fanfic) Completed

The Spirit of Joy (Rise of the Gaurdians Fanfic) Completed

35.8K Reads 1.4K Votes 21 Part Story
DayDreamersFantasy By DayDreamersFantasy Completed

Abagail Vixen was a normal girl with a kind heart and a love for children. She was always happy, and even if she wasn't she never showed her sadness. Her mother died when she was young, and everyone in her town felt sorry for her. Abby always wanted to spread joy to others, and tell amazing stories to the kids she babysat. 
On night a robber broke in, but Abby was there to defend the kids. The robber was forced out, but Abby was left with pain. Before she died she told the kids to always live with joy. But that wasn't the end for Abby, no she became the spirit of joy.
A new threat is rising, and the guardians can't stop him alone. Who is this new threat? Will Abby join them or this threat? Read and find out about this amazing girl and her life.
I do not own rise of the guardians, but I wish I did.

quatto74 quatto74 Mar 12
Omg so amazing and so sad! Action, plot, characters, this story is basically perfect. Love x1000000
quatto74 quatto74 Oct 14, 2016
Love the action and super cool plot. Tragic, scary, sweet. Cool first chapter!
LuminusHistoire LuminusHistoire Dec 20, 2016
Such an awesome chapter I think your one of my favorite authors.
WEIRDanimeBOOKlover WEIRDanimeBOOKlover Aug 30, 2016
missmonnymoon missmonnymoon Aug 11, 2016
Aki_Sparks_628 Aki_Sparks_628 Sep 25, 2016
NARUTO 4 LYF BABY!!!!!😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄🙌🙌🙌🙌🍜🍜🍥🍥🍜🍜