Here Now (MadaSaku Book 2)

Here Now (MadaSaku Book 2)

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akatsukixsakura4ever By akatsukixsakura4ever Completed

Sakura Haruno choose to stay In the time line with her friends an family..but she didn't stay with them, instead she went to find Madara...

Now it's been a year an 3 months since she set out looking for him. She's built up a reputation as the Blood Rose, an the Akatsuki want her to join them. 

Will Madara believe her when she tries to tell him she's his Sakura form back then, or will he just shove her away???

Disclaimer: I don't Own Naruto

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  • sakura
DrxgonflyAffect DrxgonflyAffect Apr 03, 2016
In my book, if they look like the person, if they act like the person, if they have the same voice as the person and if they had the same name as the person. then it's probably the person.
Sooooo she looks the same & has the same name. . . . Cause she totally not your Sakura. . . You r an interesting person. .The facts it's so obvious.
cookie_job cookie_job Oct 01, 2016
😓 Well I'm confused. You said it yourself :she has the same looks and  the same name. As far as I known , that makes her the same person! For kami's sake, why can't yoy see it!
Macykittymeow Macykittymeow Dec 26, 2015
This book is soooooo awesome, read it like 5times already :3
Cheshire333 Cheshire333 Jun 03, 2015
Thanks for the update and can I ask a favor?  Slap Madara upside the head for me.
HanaNoAkatsuki HanaNoAkatsuki Jun 03, 2015
Madara you baka. Apologize to Saku-chan NOW! Anyways,