Konoha's New Yellow Flash

Konoha's New Yellow Flash

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Luna Kurata By Dragongi49 Updated Sep 24

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Miyuna is Naruto's little twin sister. Although she often plays the role of the older sibling. She doesn't have the Nine Tails in her like her brother, but she's treated just as bad. She protects Naruto from anyone and everyone.

Things change when they're put on teams. Her team forces their way into her heart. Persistent little-

Miyu is cool, calm, and collective like her father. But when she snaps she's like a miniature version of her mother. Because of this she gains enemies left and right. But they're nothing compared to her team. They're loud, obnoxious, argue, and fight with each other. She's sure they'll be the death of her.

Romance blooms for Miyu, but dating the number one bachelor of the graduates is more dangerous then any mission. 

Join Miyuna and her adventures with Team 7.

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lost-seoul lost-seoul Oct 11
Everyone be like 'but naruto and gaara' 
                              But in the timeline of the story has that happened yet? 
                              Nope so it doesn't count
Sorry to be "that person" but you cant be a boys identical twin and be a girl y'know?
GaaraL0V3 GaaraL0V3 Sep 21
The largest stand iiiiiiiis..... Over there, *points at the hill where the hokage faces go*
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GaaraL0V3 GaaraL0V3 Sep 21
Little tiny nose bleed there, and there, and a big one over there. 👈👉👇👆