Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

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Nenerh1 By Nenerh1 Updated Nov 07, 2015

Rand C. Russo is a SELF MADE Billionaire. Owning a Multitude of Businesses, Restaurants, Hotels and Sports Teams, one being the San Francisco 49ers, he seems to have it all...except he hasn't found his "Mate"! Rand is well known all around the World because of the Title he Holds, that being the Leader of his "Species" which have taken over for the Past 10 yrs. War, Disease and Famine plague the Planet almost wiping out the "Human" Race... Keeping Peace with the Humans has been a difficult Task and this "Species" is waiting for them to be WIPED OUT!

 Rand is Highly Intelligent, Strong and Handsome, but is Mostly Known to be Heartless and at times Cruel when he feels he has been Threatened or if Opposed in any Situation. Feared by the other Leaders he Uses that to his Advantage to Expand his Territory and will get rid off ANYONE or ANYTHING that stands in his way...

Lily Camacho is your average College Student who is about to Graduate from the Culinary Arts Institute of San Francisco. Her Passion has always been Baking and her dream is to open up her own Pastry shop
after she Graduates. She is full of life, very compassionate and is Pretty much Loved by anyone who meets her. She has always been Curious about this "Species" that Emerged while she was younger and has never Feared them since she hasn't really encountered one Face To Face...until one Fateful Night and her Life will change FOREVER...

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avonsversace avonsversace Jul 28, 2017
Everytime something is inbetween quotation marks I stop and read that thing with an extra oomphf which is so annooooying why is my brain doing this to me
chrysantheum11789 chrysantheum11789 Apr 26, 2017
I really love this story ... I have read your others story , my favorite story  is The Heir's young mistress....
                              And the The Billionaire' S  abused assistant....
                              The Irish Twin's Runaway...
Papercut_survivor Papercut_survivor Jan 18, 2017
I'm really hesitant about reading this book cuz you haven't updated in two year and it seems like such a nice book. I don't wanna be letdown if you never update. Can you please reply if ur updating or not.
- - Oct 15, 2016
Wow!! Math has taken a sudden hit!! How is he 28 if he is born in 2000...unless...his aging is faster I don't think that's possible!!
TaTaFahNow TaTaFahNow Jun 15, 2015
Thanks for recommending this story @jayebird1979! I love it!
FizzingWhizbee7 FizzingWhizbee7 May 22, 2015
You have me hooked! This sounds so interesting. Love anything sci-fi. The idea to combine KAP and werewolves is so UNIQUE! Love the idea of him as an Alpha leader, can you say HOT?! I am very impressed @Nenerh1! Can't wait to read. ❤️❤️❤️