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satirelover By satirelover Completed

Grace was a 23 year old girl who after seeing her boyfriend cheat on her goes to hit the clubs with the purpose of getting drunk and having her first one night stand. When she can't get through with it she returns home drunk and falls asleep.
When she wakes up form the loud noise she realizes that she is not in her bedroom anymore but instead is in a party where people are dressed like in the 1800. Thinking that she is just dreaming she kisses a guy she likes creating havoc around and now everyone is telling her that she needs to get married. 
Soon Grace realizes that she is not dreaming but instead somehow has gone back in time, and in England none the less. Saying that she is from the future will only guarantee that people will think she is crazy so she tries to justify her behavior saying that she is from America.
Follow her as she gets stuck in a loveless marriage and tries to survive the society who judges her every move. Will she find a way back to the future or stay in the 1800s

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