Hell is made of Ice....[WATTYS2017] [UNDER EDITING]

Hell is made of Ice....[WATTYS2017] [UNDER EDITING]

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Vanessa Romanoff was her name well that's what she told me. She was The Black Widows sister , 28 years old just two years younger than her sister  and just like Natasha she suffered being turned into something she wasn't supposed to be. Vanessa , she was more than what people saw. They just saw a young woman who knew how to use weapons.. But she was way more. She was a truth seeker, a genius, a 
Avenger and she was forgotten in there shadows but now listen carefully because her story is coming into the sunshine... 

Cover by; @TheBlueDj

I only own Vanessa and anyone who might come in later. I also have changed and added to the plot.
Everything else belongs to Marvel..
How marvelous hahaha

yesimanidiotthankyou yesimanidiotthankyou Sep 12, 2016
Your story is so Awesome! It's fantastic and so thrilling even in the first part 😍 I'm inlove with the story now 😉😍
The_Hells_Angel The_Hells_Angel Jul 08, 2016
I'm a beautiful blueberry (nothing to do with the book, just thought I'd put it out there)
HTGwrites HTGwrites Feb 08, 2016
This is really good. I love the idea that Natasha has a sister, so she wasn't alone.  *cough* Ice is spelt wrong on your cover *cough*
- - May 27, 2016
Moreeeee Marvel/DC stories. I'm seriously in love right now. I'm surprised someone is using Black Widow for once- I haven't seen many stories about her. I love that she's Black Widow's sister, which is going to be awesome! Maybe some sister sister kick-ass action to come. Hahaha. I loved this!
arrowheads arrowheads May 26, 2016
I like the idea of her being Black Widow's sister! The length was spot on, since it's only a prologue, and great representation of their characters. Good job x
NoviReck NoviReck Jan 23, 2016
So she's Black Widow's sister? That's an interesting take on an avenger fanfiction. I like it so far but I would suggest getting an editor for the typos. Or you could do it yourself. Nothing slow-reading wouldn't solve. This has great potential. Keep it up!