Hell is made of Ice....[WATTYS2017] [UNDER EDITING]

Hell is made of Ice....[WATTYS2017] [UNDER EDITING]

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Vanessa Romanoff was her name well that's what she told me. She was The Black Widows sister , 28 years old just two years younger than her sister  and just like Natasha she suffered being turned into something she wasn't supposed to be. Vanessa , she was more than what people saw. They just saw a young woman who knew how to use weapons.. But she was way more. She was a truth seeker, a genius, a 
Avenger and she was forgotten in there shadows but now listen carefully because her story is coming into the sunshine... 

Cover by; @TheBlueDj

I only own Vanessa and anyone who might come in later. I also have changed and added to the plot.
Everything else belongs to Marvel..
How marvelous hahaha

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yesimanidiotthankyou yesimanidiotthankyou Sep 12, 2016
Your story is so Awesome! It's fantastic and so thrilling even in the first part 😍 I'm inlove with the story now 😉😍
The_Hells_Angel The_Hells_Angel Jul 08, 2016
I'm a beautiful blueberry (nothing to do with the book, just thought I'd put it out there)
HTGwrites HTGwrites Feb 08, 2016
This is really good. I love the idea that Natasha has a sister, so she wasn't alone.  *cough* Ice is spelt wrong on your cover *cough*
- - May 27, 2016
Moreeeee Marvel/DC stories. I'm seriously in love right now. I'm surprised someone is using Black Widow for once- I haven't seen many stories about her. I love that she's Black Widow's sister, which is going to be awesome! Maybe some sister sister kick-ass action to come. Hahaha. I loved this!
arrowheads arrowheads May 26, 2016
I like the idea of her being Black Widow's sister! The length was spot on, since it's only a prologue, and great representation of their characters. Good job x
NoviReck NoviReck Jan 23, 2016
So she's Black Widow's sister? That's an interesting take on an avenger fanfiction. I like it so far but I would suggest getting an editor for the typos. Or you could do it yourself. Nothing slow-reading wouldn't solve. This has great potential. Keep it up!