Soul Mates Leave Marks

Soul Mates Leave Marks

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Destination Mars By RisenDemon3221 Completed

What's that stereotype, again?
Jock picks on the nerd?
Or was it nerd gets the girl?

Neither's true for Ichigo Kurosaki.
He's the biggest nerd ever. He excels at any academic task put in front of him, and he's also a geek - anything comic book related has Ichigo drooling.

The opposite could be said for Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, if you ask anyone he knows. 
He really only scrapes by with his grades and his favorite pass time - when he isn't playing a contact sport of some kind - is jamming to his music in the gym.

Ah, but there is one saying I'm sure of:
Opposites attract.

Demon AU
A/B/o Dynamics
Mature for:
-Sexual implications 
-Mentions of past sexual abuse? Not graphic at all.

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  • angst
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  • bleach
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axel129 axel129 Sep 05, 2016
This story is beautiful its alot better then mine
                              I love how you add so much detail with the sex part in the being 
                              I love yaoi
                              * nosebleed*
thecrazyclo thecrazyclo Jan 04, 2017
*chokes on cereal* holy shît, starting off strong ain't we?
GayGuyHere21 GayGuyHere21 Nov 07, 2016
This is good. You should really continue this. It's rare to find this kind of story for a Grimmichi couple.
Kiyane-Uchiha Kiyane-Uchiha Nov 03, 2016
*Twitches on ground with bleeding nose* Best story ever. *Fake die*
faustina_08 faustina_08 May 20, 2015
but I still love your stories so I'll be please if you continue 
faustina_08 faustina_08 May 20, 2015
I like it but... it's a lottme bit strange
                              I would have like it more if ichigo and grimmjow fell in love in another way, not just because of sex or "heat"