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thehoodedgirl By the_hooded_girl Updated 2 days ago
A collection of my poems. They're about anything really.
This is so sad :(. However it's wonderful, I like how the imagery played to my head but even though this poem was short it's really fascinating like it was written by homer.
I think the ending is a little flat. But its still good and even though its short its really deep and has a lot of meaning to it, atleast I think it does!
                                    I like the transition from the first stanza to the second. Short, but powerful. 
                                    I'll comment on another poem since the last one was so short.
                                    # 1 / #1 
                                    Short, but intriguing. It makes me think of something that once blossomed but is now crushed by pain and sadness.
@the_hooded_girl It's still such a sad poem!! I still love it!
@the_hooded_girl It's very beautiful! It would fit in nicely in 'Crow's Feathers'!