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flashpointtt By flashpointtt Updated Jul 05, 2013

Promises:Based on Flashpoint 

Damian Rodriguez was a 14 year old who lost his parents at the age of 9.he

 stayed with his aunt brittney smith and her husband Tom smith. Damian 

new about his parents but did not know that his mom and aunt had a 

brother. His name was michaelangelo Scarlatti  They kept him away from 

him because of his job which involved criminals of different types. When 

Damian parents died he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle. Ever since 

then Damian has never been the same. He always is getting suspended for 

fighting and smoking and has f's in all his classes. One day when Damian was 

walking home from school a kid named bron isac decided(he hated Damian) 

to join him . Hes tarted talking saying horrible things about his parents like 

how they wanted to die because he was born (Damian didn't like to talk about 

his parents or anyone taking about them, especially someone who new 

nothing about them). it wasmt long befor Damian threw down his back ...