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~[{}]~Queen Of MaskSkins~[{}]~

~[{}]~Queen Of MaskSkins~[{}]~

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Issues By barolicious Completed

A horse neigh broke through the clearing and I turned to the side with a gasp, staring at the Adonis man-like holding the reins of the rearing horse. The sun that was starting to come out was shining on him through the trees, contemplating his medium gold length hair.

The sweat covering his naked upper body was glinting in the light, making any women swoon. The look he was giving me was more than primal and it scares me.

The horse came back down scoffing as he moved his head up and down, neighing in the air as he galloped around. The man on the horse turned his head around as the horse moved, his eyes not leaving mine once.

I stared at him too, not being able to react not even to freak out by the fact that I was naked but him not looking any other way but my eyes may be one for the facts why I wasn't reacting or freaking out.  

He slumped his leg from the horse as he dismounted him, jumping off. Oh shit. I looked side to side for some options but found none. I froze at him walking toward me and followed his movements with my eyes. 

He made his way toward me and something into me snapped. I have a knife! I rushed toward my clothes and pulled the knife out of my jeans pocket.

I ignored the fact I was naked and stood in position, ready to attack him if he dares to touch me

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