Just Roommates

Just Roommates

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Belle By CrimsonLips Updated Sep 02, 2016

Georgina Caverly is a 3rd year, BA. Art History student in the University of San Francisco. In need of a new roommate Georgina is quite hasty with her decision, thus accepting the first offer. However, the prospective roommate turns out to be a male and this is where Georgina meets Drew Kendry, an MBA student in the same university. Drew is charismatic, confident and highly intelligent, he is also not bad to look at- the only down side? He doesn't  like girls and prefers men. So how will Georgina cope with her new roommate's sexual orientation if she finds him too irresistible? 

With that Zeus of a roommate, could you resist him? Even if he is gay? 

Join Georgina as she embarks on a whirlwind of confusion and discovery about herself, and most importantly-- Drew Kendry. 

Warning: This is an UNEDITED version. I apologize in advance for the typos and grammatical mistakes. I'll make sure that an EDITED version would be made available once the book is completed.

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Gwenharrison123 Gwenharrison123 Apr 22, 2016
I so don't think he is gay. I will just have to keep reading to see. Lol
CrimsonLips CrimsonLips Feb 12, 2015
Yep it is and I just made my character think it's a girl because of Drew Barrymore xD Also, the fact that she was super desperate to get a roommate, so she wasn't able to think much of it.
natural_Beuty natural_Beuty Feb 10, 2015
Woah are people really that trusting meat a random guy online and give them their address and let them move in or open the door from them what if he's a serial killer
whybeanonymous whybeanonymous May 14, 2013
@CrimsonLips : Hahaha it was just a BIG crush on Matt Bomer. I  was so crazy about him! He is still awesome though ;)
                              Yeah, definitely. :)
CrimsonLips CrimsonLips May 13, 2013
@Yelena12121 it will definitely be hard to fall for a gay man. I'm glad you like the intro and damn you even experienced it? I hope you find this enjoyable then.
whybeanonymous whybeanonymous May 12, 2013
I haven't even read the first chapter, but I liked the introduction already and had to comment! Loving a gay man must be hard.
                              I know from experience; I had a super big crush on Matt Bomer, and when I found out he was gay...sigh *heartbreak* :P
                              Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading this!