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Yaoi Oneshots (SMUT)

Yaoi Oneshots (SMUT)

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kanakky By kanakky Updated Sep 27, 2015

"Do I have to go? I told you I needed to study. I have  finals coming up!", said Cyrus as he walked into the frat house. He flipped his blonde bangs out of his sight to look around. Beer cans and bottle were tossed all around. Music sounded like they were trying to tear their way out of the loud speakers. The smell of weed filled the air along with sweat. People were dancing in the living room while others try to make out on the stairs. Cyrus gave a sigh and averted his blue eyes to his friend. "Michael..I'm going back okay.", he said, but his hand was quickly grabbed. "No way. Dude, I'm trying to help you out here okay?", said Michael. A hint of frustration in his voice.

"Look I know you're studying for an exam, but you gotta let loose. You gotta let yourself have fun. You're in college now. You need to be free sometimes. Get drunk! Get high! Find a one night stand.", said Michael as he motioned Cyrus around the room. Cyrus only gave a sigh. I don't want to fall behind or go to jail ...

I thought it's going to be another cancer with bad grammar but holy hell was that good
Zombie_Vaccine Zombie_Vaccine Sep 28, 2016
You dare bring a birthday gift to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift at my birthday party on my birthday??
Girxtina Girxtina Sep 03, 2016
I'm bomb at spin the bottle okay. We played it at a huge party and every single time it landed on me bam! I'd be on your face before you can even say Tea and Crumpets. So much so that people got scared about landing on me.
                              I have no dignity.
Rampagingfnaffan Rampagingfnaffan Sep 04, 2016
*Disgusted but excited face* Well that *Laughs weirdly*
Whatever the human equivalent to a Lenny face is, I just did it.
Yurio_bae Yurio_bae Oct 29, 2016
I just went through an entire box of tissues trying not to get blood in the carpet from my nose