Bill Cipher x Reader-Why do you have to leave?

Bill Cipher x Reader-Why do you have to leave?

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It was a quiet evening.The stars were up on the sky,sparkling peaceful.You were reading a book at the light of the lamp.You weren't such a sociable person,so your only time when you had fun,you were reading.You moved to Gravity Falls two years ago,your adoptive parents being in the other part of the world,in (location).You yawned,slowly turning off the lamp and closing your book,placing it on the table.You got in your bed,slowly falling asleep.

--  --

While you were eating at Greasy's Diner,you hearded from Lazy Susan that some twins named Dipper and Mabel Pines moved permanently in the town,at the Mystery Shack.You dedided that,after you ate,you shall go and see this Mystery Shack place and maybe make some friends.

When you arrived there was a girl with brown eyes and hair.She welcomed you very exited.

{Mabel}:Hey there I'm Mabel!I like sweaters,parties,to make friends and I own a pig!How about you?

[Name]:U-uh...I-I'm (Name)..

{Dipper}:Who's that?

{Mabel}:Well shesanewgirlands...

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Awesome_Savage24 Awesome_Savage24 Aug 22, 2017
Yea I enjoy talking to my self. All the time. Bill you made me look like an idiot!
                              Bill: heheheheheehehehehe
Sttic_Rnbow467 Sttic_Rnbow467 Apr 15, 2017
                              Mabel: yougotitBonnie
                              Dipper: SPACES THERE IS SUCH A THING AS SPACES
                              Mabel and I: neverDipDop!
FrankyDoodles FrankyDoodles Aug 31, 2017
Nah... I know better than to make a deal with Bill Cipher himself... You're known amongst demons for a reason pal.
germain-jynx germain-jynx Aug 11, 2017
I H A V E N O F R I E N D S F O R A R E A S O N T H A T I S N ' T S H Y N E S S L O L
timetheloner4alone timetheloner4alone Nov 29, 2017
You siresly need to update all this and your way of speech it seems too dull plus you are missing some words and it is well too easy and what is the relationship with bill and the reader
Nat_ty5 Nat_ty5 Jun 14, 2017
Just from the details from this first paragraph I can tell this fanfic is gonna be good 😎