Harry on the Prairie

Harry on the Prairie

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Harry on the Prairie ~ A Harry Styles AU Fanfiction

WATTYS 2016 WINNER in the category of HQ LOVE

An excerpt published via COSMOPOLITAN online via September 14, 2016. 


NOTICE:  Mature/sexual content lies within these pages . . .you may experience feels in your nether-regions.


Harry Styles lives alone on his farm a few miles outside of Cider Creek.  He's 20 years old and mighty handsome --too handsome to be keeping to himself as much as he does, but that's how he's always been.

Harry was 18 when he bought his farmland.  No parents, no wife, only him.  He came into town on the rare occasion that he needed something from the mercantile, but that was it.  No church on Sundays. He was polite if someone approached him, but it was obvious to everyone that Harry just wanted to be left alone.  So after awhile, the townsfolk pretty much gave up trying to include him in anything.

He lived his life in deliberate solitude.  It was better this way.

Then one day, a letter came for Harry in the post. The postmaster had to ride out and deliver it special, as Harry never got any mail, and as a result, never stopped by the post office to check like most people did...

Salma_Essam Salma_Essam Aug 07
I didn't notice it is a historical fanfic, but whatever i'm going to read it 😋
I am dying of laughter 😂 this story is full of my language and slang 😂😂
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I don't know why but the tittle of this book is hilarious to me 😂😂😂😂😂
This reminds me of the show Anne with an E from Netflix 😂
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Lmao we're all little weirdos for having the hazza bot😂😂😂