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Dominant Desires (BDSM)

Dominant Desires (BDSM)

26.5M Reads 219K Votes 44 Part Story
Molly! <3 By Mollydx3 Updated Oct 05, 2014

"You belong to me, Sasha. Your heart, soul, and body are all mine... And only mine."

On her eighteenth birthday, Sasha Pierce’s perfect life tragically comes crashing down.  Now, working as a hooker on the corners of New York City, her only focus is surviving from one day to the next—at least until a handsome stranger makes her an offer that she can’t refuse.   Everything about Jaxon Edwards draws her in.  His money, his mystery, and especially his simple request;  to accompany him to his sister's wedding as his fake fiance and to live with him for three months in exchange for more money than Sasha could ever imagine.   But, to top it all off, he also offers her a glimpse into a dark, secret lifestyle unlike anything she’s ever experienced.

diarydecoy diarydecoy Oct 12, 2016
The comment section here made my day before I even started the book 😂😂
yriz-666 yriz-666 Nov 09, 2016
Isnt the cover itself stolen as it's from the Vampire Diaries??
dessycakeswriter dessycakeswriter Dec 03, 2016
I have a feeling, who ever is reading this is going to hell. 😂💀
- - Oct 08, 2016
I... Uh.... But.... You know.... I like... Blue.... Unicorns.... Yeah.... Haha *jumps out window*
icygem icygem Nov 15, 2016
"I'm mad at you because I love you!" Hottest phrase I've heard all day!!
MissingForever MissingForever Nov 27, 2016
Oh my gosh, I remember this story from like, a long time ago. 😂 I was wondering where it went! Lol, this will be my 3rd time reading? I think this was the first BDSM story that I read...