Begin | BTS 🌼 Jeon Jungkook

Begin | BTS 🌼 Jeon Jungkook

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Clover | I Purple You 💜 By Clover Updated 6 days ago

What if you had a chance to go back to when you were young with the existing knowledge and life experiences you have now?

Juniper Mindemoya didn't expect herself to be granted this strange opportunity. As an unemployed graduate, she had lived most of her life being socially awkward and relied on browsing the internet as a pastime. She was the definition of a hermit and that is exactly how she planned on living for the rest of her life.

But now Juniper has a choice: to continue living her life the way it is or to go back and do everything that she should have done a long time ago.

What would you choose?

[This is a very normie fanfic and a fairly introductory story about Jungkook]

(I may or may not have received $5 from someone to write this fic.)

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leonieandrews leonieandrews Jan 16, 2016
So far so good and I'm enjoying it you have brought charatures to live
RoderickYoung RoderickYoung May 29, 2014
The dialogue is wonderful, and brings this story to life.  Nice cliffhanger of an intro.
                              The first few paragraphs sound a bit shaky if you were trying to create an omniscient narrator.  Might be good to ask another writer to give that part a once-over.
nyc94s nyc94s Apr 30, 2013
It was areally cool story.i dont know how come all of you can create all these amazing stories
Clover Clover Apr 21, 2013
@truly_classic thanks, this is the non edited version. trust me when i say the edited one has a lot more details :D
emerawr88 emerawr88 Aug 20, 2012
I love the Uglies series!! Omg. Yes. I just started reading this, it looks REALLY good. So yep.
Clover Clover Jun 08, 2012
@tigerlily1d haha, im working on that ^_^. hopefully this year it'll come true.